W&S Motorsport wins seventh round of the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing

and celebrates season win number four after a commanding performance

Meuspath. After a faultless performance, W&S Motorsport won the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing (Cup 3) in the ROWE 6-Hour ADAC Ruhr Cup Race on Saturday. With the seventh round of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS), driver trio Daniel Blickle, Tim Scheerbarth and Max Kronberg in the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 CS (#960) celebrated their fourth class victory and extended their lead in the overall standing. In second place was the Mühlner Motorsport team comprising Thorsten Jung, Oskar Sandberg and Andreas Patzelt in the car with start number 969. FK Performance Motorsport reached third spot on the podium. The Amateur ranking was won by Rüdiger Schicht, ‘Montana’ and Arne Hoffmeister from the Mathol Racing team, with start number 955.

While the qualifying rounds had to cope with sometimes wet surfaces on Saturday morning, conditions for the race itself were ideal. On this summery autumn day, 19 participants lined up at midday for the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing as part of the ROWE 6-Hour ADAC Ruhr Cup Race, and flung themselves into thrilling battles for top spot on the first few laps. Tim Scheerbarth of the W&S Motorsport team started the 7th NLS round of the season in third place, and initially fought three other cars for pole position.

When, towards the middle of the race, the Mühlner Motorsport team were forced to slow down through no fault of their own due to a slow puncture, the way was clear for the mid-engine sports car with start number 960. With flawless stints and perfectly smooth pit stops, after 37 laps W&S Motorsport took their fourth win of the season and are now perfectly positioned to gain overall victory in the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing. After a fantastic and successful pursuit, Mühlner Motorsport were rewarded with second place and also drove the fastest lap in their number 969 car, at 8:41.801 minutes. This gained them one of the two additional championship points of the weekend. FK Performance won the second point for the fastest lap in the morning’s time trial.

In the annual championship rankings, 15 cars from 10 teams are competing for top positions in the team, driver and AM driver standings. After seven out of nine rounds, W&S Motorsport (team standing), Daniel Blickle, Max Kronberg and Tim Scheerbarth (driver standing), plus ‘Montana’ and Rüdiger Schicht (AM driver standing) are right at the top of their respective classifications. Guest drivers are welcome at all races. In the Six-Hour NLS race, six additional vehicles were entered. Well-known teams such as KKrämer Racing (#966 – Krämer, Brunot, Veremenke, Roitzheim), Schmickler Performance (#975 – Baumann, Niesen, Schmickler) and Mathol Racing (#954 – Cramer, Gabler) used an additional car on Saturday. These were joined on the grid by 9und11 Racing (#944) with Ralf, Niklas and Leonard Oehme, plus Heinz Dolfen and John Lee Schambony in the mid-engine sports car #940. The sixth guest driver was the BLACK FALCON Team TEXTAR with ‘Iceman’, Martin Meenen and Vasilii Selivanov (#950).

The Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing is contested at all races in the Nürburgring Endurance Series. In the seventh standings round of the ROWE 6-Hour ADAC Ruhr Cup Race, a record number of 20 cars took part in the time trials, with 19 racers on the grid, including 16 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport and three 981 series Porsche. On the next racing weekend (25 September 2021), the 53rd ADAC Barbarossa Cup is the penultimate round of the season.

Views on the race:

Daniel Blickle, #960 W&S Motorsport, 1st place in NLS 7: “After the eight-week break, we tested on Friday and geared up for the race. It was tough in the qualifier because of the variable conditions, so we were happy to start at number three. Tim did a very good job as our first driver, and established a lead. There were some tough duels at first, then the field drew apart because of our different strategies. The car worked perfectly, and the team service was ideal. We managed consistently fast lap times, didn't make any mistakes and are over the moon with this important win. We’re in a very good position for overall victory in the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing, but we still have two races to go.”

Patrick Wagner, #960 head of the W&S Motorsport team, 1st place in NLS 7: “It was a successful weekend, even though it was a tricky start in the time trials due to the weather. We were first with wet tyres and third with slicks, because we didn’t want to take any risks. During the race, everything went perfectly. There were no technical difficulties. The team and drivers did a great job.”

‘Montana’, #955 Mathol Racing, 1st in AM driver standing, NLS 7: “It was a perfect weekend. I like driving in wet conditions and had the chance to do this during the qualifier. The car was very well prepared and tuned and ran flawlessly in the race on both the wet and dry track. We’re very reliable this season and have reached the finish eight times. What’s more, today we were also very fast, and I had a lot of fun.” 

NLS 7 results: Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing

1 – #960 Blickle/Scheerbarth/Kronberg (W&S Motorsport)*
2 – #969 Jung/Sandberg/Patzelt (Mühlner Motorsport)
3 – #976 Bünnagel/Otto/Wüstenhagen (FK Performance Motorsport)
4 – #75 – Baumann/Riemer/Jacoma/Wiskirchen (Schmickler Performance)
5 – #977 Krämer/Veremenko/Brück (KKrämer Racing)
6 – #955 Schicht/‘Montana’/Hoffmeister (Team Mathol Racing)**
7 – #966 Krämer/Brunot/Veremenko/Roitzheim (KKrämer Racing)
8 – #983 Van Roon/Grütter/Coronel/Grosse (G-Tech Competition)
9 – #979 Hoppe/Wolter/Balanian (Mühlner Motorsport)
10 – #944 Oehme/Oehme/Oehme (9und11 Racing Team)
11 – #940 Dolfen/Schambony (-)
12 – #975 Baumann/Niesen/Schmickler (Schmickler Performance)
13 – #954 Cramer/Gabler (Team Mathol Racing)
14 – #978 Ulrich/Schnautz/Hirschauer (KKrämer Racing)
* First in the team standing
** First in the AM driver standing

#949 Beyer/Eichenberg/Kratz (Sorg Rennsport)
#959 Vöhringer/Steinhaus/Schweikart/Perrot (W&S Motorsport)
#962 Von Danwitz/’JULES’ (Frikadelli Racing Team)
#964 Friedhoff/Friedhoff (Aimpoint Racing)
#950 ‘Iceman’/Meenen/Selivanov (Black Falcon Team Textar)

#982 Grütter/Grosse (G-Tech Competition)

Pole position – 09:12.817 minutes
#976 Bünnagel/Otto/Wüstenhagen (FK Performance Motorsport)

Fastest lap time – 08:41.801 minutes
#969 Jung/Sandberg/Patzelt (Mühlner Motorsport)

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